Harwich Seaport Transfer

The Heathrow Airport

The most important airport in the London area is the Heathrow Airport. It receives both domestic and international flights. It is located at the Hillingdon county at London.

The Heathrow Airport is not just important in London. It is has been ranked as the second airport in the whole world, handling more than 75 million passengers each year. It has more than 12 thousand kilometers, which is an impressive area for an airport. The place is owned and operated by the Heathrow Airport Holdings.

The construction of the Heathrow Airport started during 1929. The initial idea was to use it for military purposes. However, it was not finished before the Second World War was over. Then, it was destined to become the largest airport in London. The airfields were expanded starting in 1944. The purpose was to turn it into a civilian airport, and it was finally finished in 1946. Sir Frederick Gibberd did the final design when it was transformed into a civilian airport.

The airport is important because you can find more than 80 airlines in there. It also has regular routes to more than 80 different countries. It works as the base of Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. It has a total of 5 terminals, 4 of which are open for passengers, and one is meant for cargo only.

The Harwich International Port

The Harwich International Port is the most important hub in the north coast of the United Kingdom. It is part of the Haven Ports group. It started operations in 1872, connecting the island with Europe. There are regular ferry trips to Holland departing from this port, along with cargo services.

Hutchison Ports Ltd owns the port since 1997, and they are responsible for the current name of the harbor. Some people still remember it as Parkeston Quay which was its previous name. Cruise ships were common, but in recent years they have reduced their stops at this port.

Starting in 2010, the Harwich International Port became important for offshore operations of several wind companies, including:
• The Greater Gabbard wind farm company
• Thanet Wind Farm company
• The Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm

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