Thorpe Park

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General Information

The Thorpe Park is an amusement park opened to the public since 1979. It remains valid due to a constant modernization. New attractions are opened almost every year. The Thorpe Park’s slogan “an Island Like no Other” makes reference to its water theme.

The park is suitable for teenagers and young adults. There are not many attractions for younger children or babies. However, the park offers facilities for young parents who are willing to spend the day in the park.


The Thrope Park is very popular because it is very close to London. You can find it between the towns of Chertsey and Staines in the Surrey County.

The amusement park is partially flooded, which was used to include water attractions. It gives the sense of being on an island, and it inspired the slogan of the park.

When to Visit

The Thrope Park is not always open. You can visit it starting on March 23, 2017. Visit their website for a full schedule throughout the year.


Children below 12 years are not allowed to get on the attractions at the amusement park unless an adult goes with them (somebody over 18). Some attractions have further restrictions due to security reasons.

If you are injured, you will not be admitted riding the attractions.


You can find the following facilities inside the park:
• Baby Changing Stations
• Buggies (charges apply)
• First Aid Services
• Free Wi-Fi
• Lockers (charges apply)
• Parking (charges apply)

Besides the facilities, you can ask the guest services for lost property and disabled access. Special children’s wristbands are offered to have the personal information of kids at hand in case they get lost.

There are no dedicated praying areas, but some places are suitable for praying, and they are all indicated on the resort map.

Main Attractions

The main attractions at the Thrope Park are:
• Colossus
• Derren Brown’s Ghost Train.
• Nemesis Inferno
• SAW – The Ride
• The Stealth
• The Swarm
• Tidal Wave

Nemesis Inferno

The Nemesis Inferno is the latest attraction at the Thrope Park. It was built as an inverted roller coaster made out of steel.

It is a ride of 2 thousand 460 hundred feet, and the highest part has a height of 95 feet. It can run at 50 miles per hour, and during the ride, it has four inversions. The Nemesis Inferno landscape was set as a tropical area with loads of volcanoes.

The Stealth

It is the tallest attraction in the park. It was built as an intimin accelerator coaster. It rides fast and quick. The stealth launches visitors in just 2.3 seconds at the height of 205 feet. It accelerates in a fraction of a second to 80 miles per hour.