Hampton Court Palace

Enjoy History from the Tudor’s and Stuart’s times.

The Origins of the Hampton Court Palace

The palace started building during February of 1515. Since then it has suffered many restorations, extensions, and changes to what it is today. When the Tudors were in power, the Hampton Court built the best palace in England at the time.

When the House of Stewart took ruled starting at 1604, the King James lived in the Hampton Court Palace. Then, his son Charles I inhabited the castle. When there were political troubles and Charles I was retained, his palace was a prison. After that, nobody else had lived there, and it was left unchanged.


The Hampton Court Palace is located in London. You can find it at the east of Molesey, in the Surrey. It is currently one of the Historic Royal Palaces open to the public.

When to Visit

You can visit the Hampton Court Palace any time of the year except for 24, 25 and 26 of December. However, some areas are closed particularly at wintertime and for special events.

Check the Hampton Court Palace website for a full schedule. It is regularly updated with the upcoming events and general availability. You may also check if all areas are open.

Special Events at the Hampton Court Palace

You may hire the venue for a private special event. For example, it is suitable for conferences, weddings, and other gatherings.

Private events at the Hampton Court Palace include:
• Weddings
• Conferences and meetings
• Dinners and receptions
• Large-scale events
• Christmas Parties
• Approved suppliers

You may also book accommodation at the Palace. It has a self-catering apartment. The Georgian House is also available for rent, and it may accommodate up to 8 people.

Main Areas

The main areas to visit at the Hampton Court Palace are:
• Cumberland Art Gallery
• The Chapel Royal
• The gardens
• The Great Hall
• The Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink (only available during wintertime)
• The maze

Each area is unique and has an interesting history to say to the visitors.

Family Activities

The site addresses family needs. The following activities and places inside the Hampton Court Palace are suitable for families:
• Autumn Garden Adventure
• Chocolate Kitchens
• Costumed tours and presentations
• Decipher the ciphers
• Digital Missions
• Family audio guides
• Family room
• Family trails
• Ghosts at the Palace
• The Great Garden Game
• The great outdoors
• The Kids Rule activities
• The Magic Garden
• The Maze
• The Watch out, beasts about activity
• Tudor Kitchens

There are special programs for school holidays. Children are welcome, and there are plenty activities for them. Activities for children are made to be entertaining and educational. Since the Palace is a historic site, after all, there are many history lessons to learn in there.