Chiddingstone Castle

About the Chiddingstone Castle

The Chiddingstone Castle is a large castle in the United Kingdom which was originally occupied by Denys Bower and then the Streatfeild family before being turned into a historic house. With its large collection of antiques and large compound around the castle, it is the best for events such as weddings, family gatherings and even private tours by the public. To have your own tour of this castle, you need a service that is reliable and well versed with the castle.

Chelsea and Fulham Cars

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Limo Services

Chelsea and Fulham Cars allow you the opportunity to tour the Chiddingstone Castle better than any other firm will ever manage. For a start, you get to be driven from whatever place you wish through our limos then arrive at the Castle at the time you wish to start your tour. All the time, you will be moving in one of our exclusive limos as you tour this grand castle. Your trip will be worth much more than when you used another vehicle.

Cars for a Hirer

With Chelsea and Fulham Cars, you get to choose the car you want to tour this grand castle with. You have a choice between various cars such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and other top brands to give you a tour of the property. Better yet, you have a chauffeur who is well-versed with the castle and thus they will get you to the most interesting areas of the castle on time to have the best of everything.

Why Pick Us

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